Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano 2023

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano | Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Form Five Selection 2023: Passing the NECTA form four exam is one of the biggest steps in Tanzania’s educational journey.

In order for a student to be able to continue with higher education whether advanced level secondary education or college education (Certificates and Diploma) then he must have achieved the minimum pass rate required to be selected in advanced level schools or colleges.

For students who have excelled on their Form Four national exams and wish to continue to the Advanced level of secondary education, TAMISEMI has been tasked with the responsibility of assigning them to the most suitable school from the list of the school students request upon completing their ordinary level.

Those with outstanding results will be allocated to the finest schools on their requested list.

Many students who have completed their ordinary level education aspire to be selected to attend advanced level at the top government schools. However, With a greater number of qualified graduates than available schools, a handful of students found themselves excluded from further study.

Those whose parents couldn’t afford private school fees faced a risk of not continuing their education.

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano 2023

If you want to know if you have been selected for admission into government owned form five schools, it is important to learn Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano once Tamisemi announced the release of form five school allocation.

Generally, the announcement of form five selection takes place during the last week of May or the first week of June after the release of the Necta Form Four Results. If you are uncertain of how to check Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato, follow the steps provided below.

Steps For Checking Form Five Selection 2023

  1. Open any web browser on your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop and go to the TAMISEMI official website at selform.tamisemi.go.tz ( Click on the link to open directly or copy and paste it on your browser url field)
  2. Then click on the “Selection Results” as shown on the image below

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano

  1. Once the page is fully loaded, you will see Selection Results 2023.
  2. Note: If you are unable to find the year you are looking for, it means that the latest selection has not yet been released by Tamisemi.
  3. After you click on the “First Selection, 2023”, you’ll be redirected to a page where you will find a list of regions in Tanzania.
  4. Clicking on the region will take you to a new page containing a list of districts within that region. You should then click on the district Council, where you completed ordinary level education.
  5. Click on the name of secondary school where you completed
  6. Scroll down to locate your name, or enter your Form Four Examination number in the search form to narrow the list and speed up the process.
  7. Once you’ve found your name, you may download and print the joining instruction and read it to e familiar with the school and rules before joining the school.

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Form Five Selection 2023

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