Jezi Mpya Za Simba 2023 Kimataifa

Jezi Mpya Za Simba 2023 Kimataifa | Jezi Mpya Za Simba Sc Za Mashindano Ya CAF Champions League 2022/2023

After Yanga Sc announced their new jerseys that they will wear in the CAF Confederation cup competition last week, Simba Sc have followed suit after coming up with the launch of the jerseys that will be worn in all CAF games. This is in compliance with the rules of the CAF competition which requires all teams not to wear jerseys with any logos of companies involved in Betting.

The new Simba Sc jersey (Jezi Mpya Za Simba 2023) are Red, white and black which are all like the one that have been weared in premier league but are slightly different. The jersey has been designed to comply with the CAF rules which demand that all teams don’t wear any type of betting related logo in their jerseys.

Simba Sc have had to use “Visit Tanzania” in place of their sponsors M-BET in order to meet the CAF criteria and the M-BET company has agreed to put the word ‘Visit Tanzania’ on the chest of the lions’ jerseys in the African Champions League.

Jezi Mpya Za Simba 2023 Kimataifa

Jezi Mpya Za Simba 2023 Kimataifa

The Simba Sc New Jersey is one of the most iconic jerseys in all of Tanzanian sports. It is a must-have for any die-hard Simba Sc fan or anyone who loves collecting football  jerseys. The jersey is not only a great collector’s item, but it is also a great way to show your support for one of the most successful club in Tanzania history of football.

Whether you are looking for a jersey to wear to the next match or one to add to your collection, the Simba Sc New Jersey is the perfect choice.  The Simba Sc New Jersey is a great way to show your support for your favorite team. It features an eye-catching design with the iconic “Visit Tanzania” logo on the front, along with the team name and year. This jersey is made from high quality materials that ensure durability and comfort during long hours of wear.

Simba Sc Jersey

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