Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses 2022/2023

Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses 2022/2023, Kozi zinazotolewa chuo cha IFM: The National Bank of Commerce (NBC), National Insurance Corporation (NIC), and other local financial institutions established the Institute of Finance Management (IFM) in 1972 to meet their training needs, specifically banking and insurance courses, which have remained the nucleus family of the Institute’s programs over the years.

IFM was also intended to replace the Institute of Bankers of London, which was the only known/available school in the country for banking professionals. However, in the same year, the Government took over IFM and formally established it as a Government Institution of Higher Learning through Act No. 3 of Parliament to provide training, research, and consultancy services in banking, insurance, social protection, taxation, accounting, and related disciplines.

As a result, while there are higher learning institutions that have gone into giving training in banking, insurance, social protection/security, and taxes today, the IFM, which became formally active on July 10, 1972, remains the pioneer and oldest training institution of them all. Although the IFM has maintained its focus on the training requirements of the banking and insurance sectors, it has also exhibited sensitivity to the country’s financial service industry in general.

Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses 2022/2023

Here we have brought to you all Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses offered as at academic year 2022/2023 with the coverage on the Institute of Finance Management IFM Certificate courses, Institute of Finance Management IFM diploma courses and Institute of Finance Management IFM degree courses.

Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses 2022/2023
Institute of Finance Management IFM

Institute of Finance Management IFM Degree Courses

  1. Bachelor of Accounting (B.Acc)
  2. Bachelor of Banking and Finance (BBF)
  3. Bachelor of Accounting with Information Technology (BAIT)
  4. Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSc. IT)
  5. Bachelor of Computer Science (BCS)
  6. Bachelor of Science in Insurance and Risk Management (BSc IRM)
  7. Bachelor of Science in Social Protection (BSc SP)
  8. Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science (BSc. AS)
  9. Bachelor of Science in Taxation (BSc- Taxation)
  10. Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance (Bsc. BEF)

Institute of Finance Management IFM Diploma Courses

  1. Ordinary Diploma in Accounting (ODAC)
  2. Ordinary Diploma in Banking and Finace (ODBF)
  3. Ordinary Diploma in Information Technology (ODIT)
  4. Ordinary Diploma in Computer Science (ODCS)
  5. Ordinary Diploma in Insurance and Risk Management (ODIRM)
  6. Ordinary Diploma in Social Protection (ODSP)
  7. Ordinary Diploma in Taxation (ODTM)

Institute of Finance Management IFM Certificate Courses

  1. Basic Technician Certificate in Taxation (BTCT)
  2. Basic Technician Certificate in Insurance and Social Protection (BTCISP)
  3. Basic Technician Certificate in Computing and Information Technology (BTCC&IT)
  4. Basic Technician Certificate in Accountancy (BTCA)
  5. Basic Technician Certificate in Banking and Finance (BTCBF)

The Institute provides an online application system to facilitate smooth application and admission processes. The admission process is based on the Institutes entry criteria, the admission criteria treat all applicants fairly and do not discriminate an applicant basing on marital status, pregnancy and or parental status, gender, age, race (including colour, social origin, nationality, or ethnic origin), religion belief, political affiliation, disability or any other status. Each applicant is assessed basing on the information supplied via application system and other mandatory supporting documents. The admission decision is made on the merit and ability of an applicant to meet the academic criteria of each relevant programme of study one has applied for.

Steps on How to Apply for Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses

To start applying online for admission into Institute of Finance Management IFM, please carefully follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Creation of Application Account

  • Register an Application Account: To create your application account, provide the essential basic information.
  • Confirm Applicant Information: Please double-check your information before continuing with the registration procedure.
Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses Application
Applying For Institute of Finance Management IFM Courses
  1. Submission of Required Information

  • Log in to your account to Start Application: To access the application system, enter your login credentials (Form 4 Index Number and Password).
  • Make Application Payments: After successfully logging in, you must pay the application fee in order to move to the next application stage. To obtain a control number for making payments, go to Stage 1 (Payments). If necessary, you can download the Invoice.
  • If you don’t see a control number, click the REQUEST CONTROL NUMBER button, as illustrated in the image below. Wait at least 1 minute before refreshing your web browser. After completing a successful payment, the status of your payments will change from Unpaid to Paid.
  • Submit Personal Information: This stage allows you to enter all of your personal information and next of kin information.
  • Submit Education Details: In this phase, you can provide your education information based on your admission qualification.
  • Submit Employment Records: During this phase, you can include your employment records (IF ANY)
  • Choose Programs of Interest: This phase allows you to select the programs for which you want to apply. You must select three programs.
  • Check your application and submit it.

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