Idadi Ya Magoli Ya Saido Ntibazonkiza Ligi Kuu NBC 2022/2023

Idadi Ya Magoli Ya Saido Ntibazonkiza Ligi Kuu NBC 2022/2023 | Magoli Aliofunga Saido Ntibazonkiza NBC Premier League | Ntibazonkiza Anamagoli Mangapi Ya Ligikuu?

The 2022/2023 season has not been that great for Simba Sc as they are about complete the season without winning any trophy but that doesn’t really mean even their player will end the season without any thing to their name. On Saido Ntibazonkiza side, Yanga SC former player this season has been one of his great season as he managed to deliver great performance though wasn’t enough to win his team any trophy. Saido Ntibazonkiza have showcased his exceptional skills, propelling the team to win number of games.

Ntibazonkiza’s incredible skill in front of the goal, as well as his tenacity and commitment to excellence, have marked him as a cut above his peers. His astounding performance has been an immense source of pride for Simba SC and earned him immense admiration from across the football fans in Tanzania.

Idadi Ya Magoli Ya Saido Ntibazonkiza Ligi Kuu NBC 2022/2023

The NBC Premier League is set to be lit up by Saido Ntibazonkiza’s incredible goal-scoring abilities. This season, Ntibazonkiza has captured the attention of football fans with his phenomenal displays on the pitch. Spectators have been left amazed by his performances. Week after week, Ntibazonkiza has displayed unrivaled tenacity on the field, expertly locating the back of the net with breathtaking accuracy.

His amazing pace, impeccable technique, and natural knack for scoring have propelled him to fame, prompting the entire town to buzz about his mesmerizing performances in the NBC Premier League. We invite you to join us as we explore his magnificent scoring feats (Idadi Ya Magoli Ya Saido Ntibazonkiza Ligi Kuu Ya NBC) and discover the electrifying moments that have turned him into a bona fide superstar.

Magoli Aliofunga Saido Ntibazonkiza NBC Premier League

So far, Saido Ntibazonkiza is leading the 2022/2023 NBC Premier League top scorer race along with Fiston Mayele having scored a total of 17 goals out of which two goal he scored today June 9 in the game played against Coastal .

Idadi Ya Magoli Ya Saido Ntibazonkiza Ligi Kuu NBC 2022/2023

Msimamo Wa Wafungaji Bora NBC Premier league Hadi Ivi Sasa

Player Goals Club
Fiston Mayele 17 Yanga SC
Saidoo Ntibanzonkiza 17 Simba SC
Moses Phiri 10 Simba SC
Aziz Ki 9 Yanga SC
Bruno Gomez 9 Singida Big Stars
John Bocco 9 Simba Sports Club
Sixtus Sabilo 8 Mbeya City Council
Jean Baleke 7 Simba SC
Reliant Lusajo 6 Namungo FC
Pape Ousmane Sakho 6 Simba SC
Idris Mbombo 6 Azam FC
Feisal Salum 6 Yanga SC
Tariq Seif 5 Mbeya City
Amza Moubarak 5 Coastal Union
Meddie Kagere 5 Singida Big Stars

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