How To Check Necta Form Six Exam Results

In Tanzania the NECTA exams provide a great opportunity for students to prove their academic worth. Parents and guardians are often eager to see their children excel on Necta Form Six Exam Results and gain entrance into the bestcollages and universities in the country.

Although many students try hard to achieve good exam results, sometimes they end up with unsatisfactory results, which can be disappointing for both students and parents or guardians.

When this happens, it is time for parents or guardians to find another way to help their children achieve their educational and life goals. Many students experience a lot of stress when it comes to Form six Necta exams. Especially if you are unsure about your results and what to do next.

The pressure to perform, the fear of failure, and the stress of poor results can be overwhelming. It is important to remember that you are not alone and your also way more important that those exam results.

Moreover you should note that many students experience similar feelings and thoughts before and still managed to pursue their education dream from other alternatives. As a student you should not have any fear or anxiety due to your NECTA exam results but be ready to follow any other alternative path that will help you achieve your educational dreams.

How To Check Necta Form Six Exam Results

After the National Examination Council of Tanzania announced Form Six Exam Results, it is now time for all graduates to check their results. If you are a parent or guardian whose child has completed his form six exams, use this guide to find out how to get your child’s Necta Form Six Exam Results.

To check your necta form six exam results follow the step by step guide shown below

  1. Visit National Examination Council of Tanzania official website via

To do this open any web browser of your choice from your android smartphone,  laptop or desktop computer and type in the url on the new tab section. Make sure your device is connected to the internet.

  1. After the website load successful browser to “Results” on main menu and there click on ACSEE as shown on the image provided below
How To Check Necta Form Six Exam Results
Step 01: How To Check Necta Form Six Exam Results
  1. When you click on ACSEE, you will be taken to another page where you must select the academic year for which you want to see results. Select year as 2021 or 2022
  2. Then you’ll be taken to another page with an alphabetical listing of schools. To easily locate your school, click on the first letter of your school’s name. For example, if you want to check Azania secondary school results, click on A.
Necta Form Six Results
Step 01: Checking Necta Form Six Results

Click on the name of school to check the school results. To check your personal results you will need to know your national examination number i.e S0212/0501 provided during exams. To find your results easily especially if the school has many students, you may use the browser search functionality.

To search for anything on browser from desktop computer or laptop, press Ctrl + F to call for browse search field, then enter your examination number e.g  S0212/0501 and click enter.

Searching For Necta Form Six Exam Results
Searching For Necta Form Six Exam Results

Aim Of Necta Form Six Exam

In general, the examination will assess applicants’ abilities to:

  • communicate effectively on socioeconomic concerns impacting the globe today;
  • Analyze issues and make conclusions in a mature and ethical way;
  • Deal with current and cross-cutting issues that influence or are expected to affect society;
  • Participate successfully in activities that contribute to the development and maintenance of a progressive and just society;
  • Think critically, solve issues independently, and be self-sufficient.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the democratic process and practice;
  • Learn independently and search for new knowledge; and
  • Participate actively in carrying out their tasks and obligations in society.

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