Green Bird College Fee Structure 2022/2023

Green Bird College Fee Structure 2022/2023 (Ada Chuo cha afya Green Bird College)  is among the things that any student or student’s parent/guardian should know before joining Green Bird College. The fee structure is a key element when planning your budget for the academic year. It’s important to know what it will cost in order to plan ahead and ensure that you can afford the fees and all other costs involved.

When you have the right information about school fees and all costs one must pay to attend a college, you can plan accordingly and make the most of your money. We know that it may seem like a lot of information to take in, but once you have an idea of what to expect, it will be easier for you to budget your spending so that you don’t find yourself short on cash at the end of each month which always results into you denied access to college services.

The Green Bird College Fee Structure is divided into two categories: tuition fees and other costs. These include Accommodation and meals, Registration fee, Nacte examination fees, Nacte quality assurance fees, College examination fees, and others. All fees and contributions should be paid into the college account and delivered the “Payslip” to the accountant on the day of reporting to the college . The following are the Green Bird College Fees and Costs at academic year 2022/2023:

Green Bird College Fee Structure 2022/2023

Green Bird College Fee Structure 2022/2023

Green Bird College Programme Fees Structure (Ada Chuo cha afya Green Bird College) For Pharmacy Applicable For The Academic Year2022/2023

Fee Description Amount
Tution Fee 1,800,000
Uniforms 100,000
Identity 15,000
Pharmacy Practice Supportive 100,000
Hand Book For Pharmacy Practical’s 57,000
Nacte Examination Fees 150,000
Nacte Quality Assurance Fees 5,000
College Examination Fees 50,000
Maintenance Fee 30,000

Green Bird College Fee Structure 2022/2023 For Stashahada ualimu wa sekondari (diploma), cheti (certifiate) ualimu, cheti (certificate) biashara, diploma (stashahada)biashara, ualimu wa grade iiia, and stashahada ualimu wa sekondari (diploma)

Payment Cycle Amount
Awamu Ya Kwanza 500,000
Awamuyapili 250,000
Awamu Ya Tatu 500,000
Awamu Ya Nne 250,000
Jumla 1,500,000

Other Green Bird College cost and expenditure that must be paid so as one to be accepted at the collage.

Na Fee Type Amount
1 Health Insurance Tsh.I0,000
2 Identification Tsh.5,000
3 College Uniform (It Is Sewn In The College) Tsh.80,000
4 Qualifications Tsh.30,000
5 Field Practice / Btp Tsh.30,000
Total Tsh.155,000/=

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