How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

How To Get NIDA Number Tanzania | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA: Do you want to know how to get your NIDA number (NIN)? Many Tanzanians have been struggling to find NIDA numbers, NIDA numbers have become a challenge for almost every Tanzanian citizen when he needs government services. Here we’ll guide you on how you can get your NIDA Number but before then we will provide you with more information about NIDA (National Identification Authority) and importance of National Identy Card as whole

What is a national identity card?

A national identity card is an important document that can help you prove your citizenship and identity. You will need it for many things, such as opening a bank account or voting in elections.

How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA
How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

Why You Need National Identity Card ( Kitambulisho Cha Nida)

The National Identity Card is a very important document. It’s the one of the universally accepted form of identification in Tanzania and it can be used to open bank accounts, get a loan or even get a job. The National Identity Card is also required for many other things, including registering your marriage and buying/selling property. Even though the National Identity Card is basically a piece of plastic with some text on it, it’s one of the most important documents in Tanzania.

How To Get NIDA Number | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya NIDA

Getting an NIDA number used to be a bit challenging, but now the Tanzanian government has simplified the process so that you may receive your NIDA number online and by short text messages, or SMS. Read all of the steps for obtaining your NIDA number NIDA below.

1. Getting NIDA number (NIN) Via SMS | Kupata Namba Ya Nida Kwa Sms

Get your National Identification Number (NIN) by sending a free short text message (SMS) to your phone.

The National Identification Authority (NIDA) has broadened the scope of knowing the National Identification Number (NIN) by sending a free text message to the number 15096.

How To Get NIN number through SMS | Jinsi Ya Kupata Namba Ya Nida Kwa Sms

Send FREE SMS to 15096 with the following information: Applicant’s first name*Applicant’s last name*Applicant’s date of birth*Mother’s first name*Mother’s last name VERONICA*MUSHI*09021999*MARIA*MTUI, for example.

To get answers, make sure you write the proper information from the National Identity Card application form.

This service intends to reduce the time it takes applicants for National Identity Cards to get an NIDA number (NIN) without having to visit NIDA offices.

Obtaining NIDA number (NIN) for Airtel and Vodacom networks.

The National Identification Authority (NIDA) would like to inform all citizens that the service of obtaining a National Identification Number (NIN) can be done using a mobile phone.

  1. To access this service,
  2. Dial *152*00#
  3. Choose number 3 (Employment and Recognition)
  4. Choose number 2 (NIDA)
  5. Enter your three (3) registered names (Ex. Veronica Daniel Mushi)
  6. Enter the phone number you filled in the application form (Ex. 075XXXXXXX)

NOTE: This service is currently available for Airtel and Vodacom users.

Final Say

We hope we’ve made you more aware of the benefits and importance of having a national identity card. The government has created this ID to help protect you and your family from fraud, theft, abuse, and other crimes against your personal information.

By getting your NID card today, you can ensure that you have all the necessary information on hand when needed by law enforcement or other officials in any situation where such documentation might be required – plus there are many other benefits! So don’t wait any longer: apply for one today!

For more information, call the number: 0759 102010 / 0765 201020 / 0673 333444 / 0800 758888 (Dear reader of, these are the numbers of the National Identity Authority – NIDA)

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