Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022 ( Fomu Ya Kujiunga Galanos Secondary School): Galanos is a boys secondary school located in Tanga Region Tanzania. Galanos is one of the best government schools that many students wish to attend when they finish their O-level education and start A-level.

In Galanos there is a good school environment and the students are encouraged to study well so that they can do well in their exams and get good grades. The school also has good infrastructure including classrooms, laboratories, and other facilities needed for students learning.

Galanos Secondary School has a good reputation in the Tanga Region for being one of the best schools. The school has produced many successful graduates who have gone ahead to do well in their higher education levels and their lives. One of the reasons why many students from other regions want to enroll at Galanos is that they are assured of getting a good education there compared to other secondary schools.

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022
Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction 2022

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction is a document loaded with all information about Galanos Secondary School.  This document is intended for students who are planning to join Galanos Secondary School in the coming academic year.

This document contains all the necessary information about Galanos Secondary School and its academic programs.  It also contains the rule and regulations applicable at Galanos Secondary, uniform information, when to report at school as well as the information on how to pay school fees.

The document is meant to assist students and parents in knowing everything they need to know about Galanos Secondary School. The information in this document is valid for all students who will join the school during the academic year 2022/2023.

What’s On Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction?

Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction contain the following information.

  1. Information about school Fees
  2. School Accounts
  3. School Contact Information
  4. Rules And Regulation
  5. Dates to report at school
  6. School Location and how to get there
  7. Subjects
  8. All thing students required to have when reporting at school

Galanos Secondary School Rules And Regulations

The school is run in accordance with Education Law no. 25 of 1978. Those laws are as follows:

  1. Respect and courtesy for leaders, parents, staff, other students and society in general.
  2. Obedience to Teachers, Non-Teaching Staff and Viranja.
  3. Ever arrive at the School and not leave the School before the School is closed.
  4. To observe the schedule of daily activities of the School.
  5. Attend to every call (obedience to the bell).
  6. Wearing the school uniform in classes, during work and sports.
  7. It is forbidden to go outside the school boundaries without permission.
  8. It is not allowed to visit liquor clubs, pleasure houses or guest houses.
  9. Intoxication of any kind is prohibited.
  10. Quarrels and insults are taboo.
  11. Theft, destroying property, school equipment or writing writings and drawings on slate walls, doors, etc. is prohibited.
  12. Every student should be clean.
  13. Romantic friendships are not allowed at School.
  14. It is forbidden for a student to marry or be married.
  15. It is forbidden for the student to go to the staff’s house without permission.

Download Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction

If you are a new student and are looking for the Galanos Secondary School Joining Instruction Pdf Document, then use this link provided below to download the 2022/2023 joining instruction pdf document. Please read it completely before reporting to the school.

Get The Join Instruction Document Here

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