Florida bar exam results July 2023

The eagerly awaited Florida bar exam results July 2023 have finally been released on September 18 2023, marking a significant moment for aspiring lawyers across the Sunshine State. The pass/fail results are available on the Supreme Court’s website and scores will be provided to applicants from the board’s office.

The result is the culmination of months, if not years, of extensive preparation and dedication by law school graduates who aspire to become licensed attorneys in Florida.

For these individuals, the release of the bar exam results represents the culmination of their legal education and the gateway to a rewarding career in the legal profession.

Whether you’re test-taker, a legal educator, or simply curious about Florida’s legal landscape, these Bar Exam Results provides valuable insight into the future of the legal landscape in the state.

Florida bar exam results July 2023

The Chair of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, the Honorable Rachelle Munson, has announced the results of the July 2023 General Bar Exam.

Of the 2,163 first-time applicants who took the exam, 1,548 passed, a representing a pass rate of 71.6% which is a slight increase from the July 2022 passage rate of 64.4%, and it is the same passage rate as July 2021.

The Florida Bar Exam is a two-day exam that covers a wide range of legal topics. Applicants must pass the exam in order to be licensed to practice law in Florida.

The Florida Supreme Court has approved 1,683 candidates for admission to the Florida Bar. Chief Justice Carlos J. Muñiz said that these candidates can be sworn in as members of the Florida Bar once they complete all other necessary steps, such as passing the MPRE and character and fitness examinations.

The number of candidates approved for admission may be lower or higher than the number of first-time test takers who take the test because some steps have not yet been completed and because individuals may take different parts of the test at different times.

Florida bar exam results July 2023

Florida bar exam results July 2023 Statistics

The Supreme Court of Florida releases the following Bar examination statistical information. These results reflect first-time, full-exam (Part A and Part B) test takers in Tampa on July 25- 26, 2023.

Accredited Schools with FL Locations First-Time Passed Test Takers Passage Rate
Ave Maria School of Law 53 38 71.70%
Barry University School of Law 118 68 57.60%
Florida A&M University College of Law 60 25 41.70%
Florida Coastal School of Law 4 2 50.00%
Florida International University College of Law 124 113 91.10%
Florida State University College of Law 145 121 83.40%
Nova Southeastern University College of Law 123 85 69.10%
St. Thomas University College of Law 174 104 59.80%
Stetson University College of Law 237 191 80.60%
University of Florida College of Law 144 116 80.60%
University of Miami School of Law 265 211 79.60%
Cooley Law School 32 16 50.00%
Accredited Schools in Florida Subtotal 1479 1090 73.70%
Other First-time Test Takers
Admitted to the Practice of Law 292 227 77.70%
Other Accredited Schools 392 231 58.90%
Total 2163 1548 71.60%

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