eRITA Portal Registration, Login & Birth Certificate Verification

eRITA Portal Registration, Login & Birth Certificate Verification: The Insolvency and Registration Agency (RITA) has made great strides in improving accessibility and convenience for the public in today’s digital era. They have achieved this through the introduction of the eRITA Portal, which serves as a virtual office that is easily accessible at any time and from anywhere. This portal has been specifically designed to streamline administrative tasks, save time by eliminating cumbersome processes, and reduce costs related to traditional paperwork.

The eRITA Portal is an innovative online application developed by the Insolvency and Registration Agency (RITA) as a convenient and accessible office that can be used anytime and anywhere.

With its user-friendly interface, this system aims to bridge the gap between the public and various RITA services, streamlining administrative processes and reducing the time and costs associated with tasks such as certification verification, applying for death certificates, and requesting birth certificates.

By bringing these services closer to the people, the eRITA Portal has revolutionized the way individuals interact with RITA, making essential documentation more accessible and enhancing overall efficiency.

About Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA)

The Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) aims to provide good and consistent information on important events in life, the consolidation of trustees, the maintenance of assets under trust, of a deceased person, a bankrupt, and children under the age of adulthood to facilitate the law takes its course.

RITA was officially launched on June 23, 2006 and replaces what was called the Department of General Bequests in the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Constitution and Law. It is an Agency under the Attorney General’s Office in the Ministry of Constitution and Law.

The history of RITA dates back to 1917 when the German colonial government enacted a birth and death registration law (Proclamation No. 15 of 1917 (People’s area). When the British took over Tanganyika (mainland Tanzania) from the Germans, they recognized the registration procedure of births and deaths prescribed by German law by identifying registers under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1920 (chapter 108).

eRITA Portal Registration, Login & Birth Certificate Verification

If you are currently looking for a detailed info on eRITA portal registration, eRITA portal Login or verification of birth certificate online then this guide is all you need.

eRITA Portal Registration, Login & Birth Certificate Verification

eRITA Portal Registration; How To Create Account

In order to start using the eRITA Portal, users must first register an account. The registration process is simple and easy to follow, as the portal will provide step-by-step guidance. By supplying the required personal information, users can create an account and enjoy a variety of services provided by RITA. Follow the steps listed below to start registration now.

Open any web-browser and visit

Click on “Register an Account” button on the top menu and then continue by providing all required person information on the registration form.  You will be asked to provide your details such as First name, Middle name, Surname, Sex, Nationality, Email, Mobile no and password.

Once you complete fill the registration form click on “Register” button and there you will receive account verification email. Open your email and click on the link on the email to activate your eRITA Portal account as shown on the image below.

eRITA Portal Registration

eRITA Portal Login; Accessing RITA Services with Ease

Once registered, users can easily log in to the eRITA Portal using their email and passwords. The login process is quick and secure, ensuring that users’ information is protected. To login to your account now you need to follow the steps below

  1. visit
  2. Click on “Sign in” button and enter your email and password then click on “Login
  3. Once you log in to the eRITA portal, you can access a large number of services that were previously only available through time-consuming manual processes.

eRITA Portal Login

eRITA Portal Birth Certificate Verification

One of the most important features of the eRITA portal is the ability to easily verify birth certificates. In the past, individuals had to visit physical offices and stand in long lines to obtain verified birth certificates. With the recent introduction of  eRITA portal, this process has been simplified, saving individuals valuable time and effort.

The eRITA Portal Birth Certificate Verification service offers a convenient and efficient way for applicants to verify birth and death certificates. With this new service, you can submit your applications electronically from anywhere. Simply scan the certificate you need to be verified and send it electronically for verification.

The verification results will be sent to your designated account in the “DETAILS” section, where you can conveniently download the verified certificate. This streamlined process saves time and ensures accuracy in verifying vital documents.

How to Verify a Birth Certificate in the eRITA Portal

The process of verifying a birth certificate is crucial, but it can often be time-consuming and tedious. Traditional methods involve visiting government offices, enduring long queues, and dealing with bureaucratic procedures. However, thanks to the eRITA Portal, this process has been revolutionized. Below, we have provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how to verify a birth certificate using the eRITA Portal. By following these instructions, you’ll be able to save valuable time and effort in the verification process.

  1. Visit eRITA portal via
  2. If you have not yet have an account, you must create one. Simply follow the steps listed above in “eRITA Portal Registration” section above.
  3. After successfully creation of an account, log in to the email account “email” open the message sent from RITA then press the word “Account activation”
  4. After opening an account, click SIGN IN and fill in the correct information III to enter the system;
  5. Choose BIRTH SERVICES and then click on “Birth application”
  6. Select REQUEST VERIFICATION and fill in all the information correctly as shown on the image below;

How to Verify a Birth Certificate in the eRITA Portal

  1. Attach a verified Birth/Death Certificate;
  2. Request a Payment number by clicking “REQUEST CONTROL NUMBER”:
  3. Make the correct payment according to the given Invoice:
  4. Test Answers will be sent through the account you opened by clicking the word DETAILS.
  5. Application code It will appear in the section labeled DETAILS immediately after the verification answers are sent to your account.

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