Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’

Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’ | Kocha Mpya Alietangazwa na Simba Sc

The Simba Sc Club has named former Uganda Vipers SC head coach and Brazilian football manager Roberto Oliveira Gonçalves do Carmo ‘Robertinho’ as their new coach. ‘Robertinho,’ who has extensive experience with African football and has worked in various African countries such as Rwanda as the head coach of Rayon Sports, Kenya as the coach of Gor Mahia before joining Uganda with Vipers SC, has signed a two-year contract which officially start work today Tuesday (January 03).

Before signing the deal, Simba SC Chairman Murtanza Mangungu stated that the Brazilian coach will join the island squad in Zanzibar for the current Revolution Championship on the island of Unguja.

He stated that they think the appointment of the coach would boost the efficacy of work in the Technical Bench of Simba SC, which has been growing for more than three months under Acting Head Coach Juma Ramadhan Mgunda.

“We are delighted to have a coach like this one with excellent capacity to teach football; he has developed to great success in Rwanda, Kenya, and Uganda.”

“The most important role of Simba SC is to ensure that the coach leads us to the goals we set for ourselves, which I feel is attainable given his expertise in the International Championships.”

The 61-year-old coach led Vipers SC to 43 wins out of 57 games while drawing 9 and losing 6. Vipers SC scored 99 goals in all games.

Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’

Jina Kamili Roberto Oliveira Gonçalves
Siku Ya Kuzaliwa 6/22/1960
Naturalness: Rio de Janeiro – RJ)  Brazil
Umri 62
Uraia Brazil  Brazil
1st time as a coach: 1.37 years
Trainer license: License A
Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira 'Robertinho'
Cv Ya Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira ‘Robertinho’

However, he has also won the Premier League Championship in Uganda, the Best Coach of the Season Award in Uganda, and has enabled Vipers SC to compete in the Champions League Group Stage in Africa for the first time since the club’s inception.

Timu Alizo Fundisha Kocha Mpya Wa Simba Roberto Oliveira

Club & Role Started Ended
Vipers SC 21/22 (10/01/2021) 22/23 (12/29/2022)
Gor Mahia Nairobi 20/21 (07/01/2020) 21/22 (09/30/2021)
Rayon Sports FC 16/17 (01/01/2017) 19/20 (06/30/2020)
AS Aviation 14/15 (01/07/2014) 16/17 (12/31/2016)
Grombalia Sports 13/14 (01/07/2013) 13/14 (06/30/2014)
Stade Gabesien 12/11 (01/01/2012) 12/13 (06/30/2013)
ES Hammam Sousse 10/11 (01/07/2010) 12/11 (12/31/2011)
Al-Shamal SC 10/09 (07/01/2009) 10/09 (06/30/2010)
Kazma SC 09/08 (07/01/2008) 09/08 (06/30/2009)
FC Stade Tunisien 05/06 (01/07/2005) 08/07 (06/30/2008)
Estrela do Norte Football Club (ES) 04/05 (01/01/2005) 05/04 (06/30/2005)
Centro Sportivo Alagoano (AL) 03/04 (01/01/2004) 04/05 (12/31/2004)
Club de Regatas Brasil (AL) 03/02 (05/01/2003) 04/03 (12/31/2003)
America Football Club (RJ) 03/02 (01/01/2003) 03/02 (05/01/2003)
Fluminense FC 98/99 (01/04/1999) 03/02 (12/31/2002)
Sport Club Sao Bento (SP) 98/99 (01/01/1999) 98/99 (03/31/1999)
Sport Club Sao Bento (SP) 98/99 (01/01/1999) 98/99
Pelotas Sport Club (RS) 97/98 (01/01/1998) 98/99 (12/31/1998)
Pelotas Sport Club (RS) 97/98 (01/01/1998) 98/99 (12/31/1998)
Rio Branco Sport Club (SP) 95/96 (7/1/2015) 97/98 (12/31/1997)
Rio Branco Sport Club (SP) 95/96 (7/1/2015) 97/98 (12/31/1997)
SV Großenbach 94/95 (01/01/2015) 94/95 (06/30/1995)
SV Großenbach 94/95 (01/01/2015) 94/95 (7/1/1995)

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