Criteria For Form Five Selection In Tanzania

Criteria For Form Five Selection In Tanzania: Being selected to join form five is one of the things that many parents wish to happen to their children. After four years of hard study from form one to form four, all form four graduates are required to take a national exam administered by NECTA with the aim of measuring their ability with what they have studied during the four years of O-LEVEL.

Necta will release the results of its exam once the revision exercise is over, and students who have done well will be assigned to join various Form Five schools to continue with Advanced level education.

It is undeniable that not every student will get a place in good government schools as many wish due to the scarcity of schools, there are students who will not be assigned to join schools.

If you are one of the students who do not get assigned to a government school, there is no need to worry as you can always opt for private schools which have been mushrooming all over the country. Though most private schools have high school fees compared to government ones and offer quality education.

If a student performs well in his or her NECTA exams, he or she will have a good chance of being selected in a different government school. Here we’ll look at the Criteria For Form Five Selection In Tanzania.

Criteria For Form Five Selection In Tanzania

Criteria For Form Five Selection In Tanzania

If you are not familiar with the criteria for form five selection in Tanzania used by TAMISEMI to select form five students to join different Government Advanced Schools in Tanzania, here is a brief overview of the Tanzania form five selection process.

TAMISEMI is the only organization that organizes a selection of form five students to join different Government Advanced Schools in Tanzania. Students are selected based on their performance in the Necta Form four exams.

The first step for a student to be considered for a Government Advanced School is to take the NECTA exams. The form five Necta exams are taken by all students who completed their ordinary level education (O-LEVEL).

The score from these exams will determine which students qualify for selection with the highest scores qualifying for the best-advanced schools.

Student Selection and Admission to Higher Education

  1. To be selected into Form five government school, students must have a Division I to III from the Form four National Examinations Council of Tanzania.
  2. Students also need to have a balanced combination of subjects such as HGL, PCB, EGM, CBG, HKL,PCM and others.
  3. Passing at least three (3) subjects at ‘Credit’ level, (ie A, B, or C) in non-Religious subjects on the results of the Fourth Form examination
  4. The student is required to have filled out a special application form to request consideration into form five selection process. The application form is issued in all schools immediately after students have completed their NECTA examinations.
  5. The student who will be admitted should not be more than 25 years old during which the selection will be held
  6. Students will be admitted competitively according to the available positions in the respective schools as the conditions of the School Administration have directed; Students with comparable qualifications (whose exam results are not from the Tanzania Examination Council) will apply for admission using the results that have been compared with the Tanzania Examination Council.

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