Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College)

Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College): The amazon college is a college registered by the government under the Vocational Education and Training Authority VETA in order to offer various courses at the certificate level.

The college currently has more than six branches in Dar es Salaam which are located in Buguruni, Kariakoo, Magomeni, Mbagala Rangi Tatu, Mbezi, Tegeta and Banana. Most of the Amazon Collage branches are located in a quiet environment, large classrooms with light and fresh air. It is an ideal learning environment.

Amazon Collage offers various courses that have many employment opportunities here in Tanzania in big cities and even small ones. The college is equipped with competent teachers who can teach the student until he understands.

Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College)

If you are an O-level or A-level graduate or a Degree graduate and you want to learn more skills that can be added to your CV, then Amazon Collage may have a suitable course for you.

Below we have listed all courses offered at the Amazon college.

  1. Cheti katika usimamizi kamili wa hoteli
  2. Certificate in basic hotel management โ€“ mbagala
  3. Kozi ya mafunzo ya utalii ngazi ya cheti cha msingi
  4. Kozi ya Uhazili na Uchapaji
  5. Kozi ya matumizi ya kompyuta
  6. Kozi ya Kiingereza cha kuandika na kuongea
  7. kozi ya udereva wa awali
  8. Makeup & hair dressing course
Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College)
Courses Offered At The Amazon College (Kozi zinazotolewa Amazon College)

Things That The Student Should Consider When At The Amazon Collage

  • Every student must have a school ID card and wear it around their neck at all times. If a student has lost his or her ID card, they must inform the police station and pay the school Tsh. 10,000/= to get another one.
  • The student should follow the procedures for wearing the college uniform as instructed otherwise they will not be allowed to enter the classroom.
  • Students who wear hijab, are not allowed to wear hijabs of any color other than white
  • A student is not allowed to wear a turban or hat on his head, if you have a special reason to do so you should ask permission from the principal.
  • The student is not allowed to use alcoholic beverages e.g. Alcohol, smoking cigarettes or cannabis, etc. while on campus or in the campus environment. If found, you will be suspended from your studies.
  • Students should attend all class sessions every day from Monday to Friday and be on time throughout the study period.

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