Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee Structure 2022/2023

Ada ya Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee Structure 2022/2023, IRDP Fees Structure 2022/2023 : Institute of Rural Development Planning Fee Structure is a document that includes a chart or list of fees for Institute of Rural Development Planning services or activities.

A fee structure informs students about what they may expect when they enroll in a certain collage/university. If you have been accepted into Institute of Rural Development Planning, you should always look into the IRDP Fees Structure 2022/2023 to ensure that it is suitable and accessible to you before enrolling in the programme.

Candidates accepted into the various programs provided by the Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma must pay tuition and other fees at the beginning of the first semester in order to access University facilities. Once paid, the costs are non-refundable.

The fee structure outlined below is in effect for the 2019/2020 academic year. Fees for various courses are divided into two parts: those payable directly to the Institute and those payable directly to students. The amounts to be paid directly to students are only illustrative; sponsors’ regulations may vary. When tuition is paid to students using IRDP accounts, a 20% administrative charge is withheld.

Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee Structure 2022/2023

Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee Structure 2022/2023
Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee Structure 2022/2023

Paying Chuo Cha Mipango Dodoma Fee

All fees are paid directly to IRDP using the control number provided at registration. The Institute, on the other hand, is not liable for any money transfer fees or taxes. Please ensure that all payments are received by the IRDP Bursar.

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