CBE Fees Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE DODOMA 2023/2024

CBE Fees Structure 2022/2023 | Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE DODOMA 2023/2024 : The management has issued the College of Business Education (CBE) school price structure for undergraduate, postgraduate, ordinary diploma, and certificate program students for the first and second semesters of the 2022/2023 academic year.

Candidates for the CBE class of 2022/2023 must pay tuition and other fees at the start of the semester in order to enjoy the university’s amenities, including registration. The College of Business Education, CBE, has included the tuition costs for its various programs for Tanzanian and international students in the schedule available here.

CBE Fees Structure 2022/2023 Structure of CBE Fees 2022–2023 The official College of Business Education (CBE) fees schedule 2009/2020 is provided below, and it must be complied with by each student enrolled in undergraduate, postgraduate, degree, bachelors, certificate, distance education, ordinary diploma, short course, and MBA programs, in that order.

 Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE DODOMA 2023/2024

The College of Business Education (CBE) charges a variety of fees to cover tuition, registration, and other costs. Here’s an overview of the different fee categories. Tuition fees are charged on a per-semester basis and vary depending on program enrollment status, while registration fees are due before course registration is complete. Other associated costs include direct cost charges for supplies and services related to university activities.

CBE Tuition Fees | Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE 2023/2024

Tuition is the fee paid for attending academic classes at College of Business Education. CBE tuition fees are determined by the program you study, as well as your nationality. Tanzanians pay lower fees than non-Tanzanians.

CBE tuition fees are usually paid per semester, and the amount varies depending on the program you are studying. For example, tuition fees for undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are lower than those in the Faculty of Science.

The PDF below outlines the fee structures (Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE) that all students at the College of Business Education are required to pay during their studies. It’s important to note that these figures may have changed over time, so we highly recommend confirming directly with the university for the most updated information.


Other Charges

CBE has a variety of fees in addition to tuition and registration costs. These include accommodation charges for those living on-campus, library costs for use of University facilities, as well as examination payments. Living on-campus requires students to pay accommodation fees; library fees are granted to students making use of the establishment’s resources; further, taking examinations at CBE requires an additional fee.

Charge Name Local Foreigners
Registration Fees 12,000.00 14
Examination Fees 51,000 75.6
Student Welfare Contribution 10,000 12
COBESO Contribution 12,000 14
NACTE Fees 15,000 17

For all students who formally enroll for courses at the College of Business Education, the ensuing regulations and procedures apply. The Institute has the right to adjust fees at any time and without warning. However, fee adjustments are contingent to Governing Council approval, and we’ll update it as soon as possible.

CBE Fees Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha CBE DODOMA 2023/2024

The tuition and fee schedule for the College of Business Education (CBE) has been successfully placed online. To obtain the College of Business Education (CBE) pricing structure pdf, click the link below. (Note: A device that can open PDF files is required.


  • All candidates are required to use invoice number provided in SARIS during payments
  • No student will be registered without paying the relevant fees.

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