Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams

Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams: For much of human history, education has been considered the key to success and prosperity. A good education provides one with the right knowledge, skills, and potential to succeed in society. Education gives us the tools and skills to thrive in our careers, manage our finances, and make good decisions. In today’s economy, education is more important than ever before.

With all of the opportunities available to people with higher levels of education and training, it has become even more essential for students to pursue their education as far as possible. Parents, guardians, and even individuals go out of their way to get their children, wards, and themselves the best education money can buy.

People place a lot of importance on educational performance, so it’s no surprise that tests or exams play such an important role in their lives. A test score can determine which school a student attends and what courses they take. It can even have an impact on their future career. That’s why failing at any level can be so devastating; it might mean giving up on a dream job or even having to change careers entirely.

To void fail any exam you should first know what cause other to fail in the first place, here we have brought you common Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams.

Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams

  1. Poor Time Management
  2. Lack of Revision
  3. Disorganized Notes
  4. Procrastination
  5. Going To the Exam Overconfident
  6. Student’s Laziness
  7. Poor Exam Technique
  8. Poor Preparation
  9. Lack of Motivation
Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams
Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams

Poor Time Management

Poor time management is a major cause of failure to many child in Tanzania. Students should have a clear idea of how much time they need to complete each question on the exam, and plan their time accordingly. They should not leave everything until the last minute, especially if there is an exam coming up soon.

Leaving too little time for revision can result in you not having enough time to do the things that will help you improve your results and perhaps even fail the exam.

Lack of Revision

If you want to avoid failing your coming NECTA exams, then you need to make sure that your revision is thorough. Revision should be the most important part of your exam preparation process especially if you are preparing for the final NECTA form four or six exam, but unfortunately this doesn’t always happen to most of students.

Re-reading notes, past papers and highlighting them can help you learn important information, but it’s not enough on its own. You also need to spend some time thinking about how everything fits together and how it applies in different situations. This will help strengthen the connections between concepts which makes them easier to recall when it comes time for your exam.

Disorganized Notes

It’s not easy to keep up with all the material you’re expected to know. The information you studied—and your notes—should be organized and easy-to-read, so that when it comes time for an exam, you can find what you need quickly.

Students should also update their notes regularly as they learn more about the subject. This way, they can make sure that their old notes are accurate and up to date before they submit them as part of an assignment or exam solution.


Procrastination is a bad habit that many students have. Some students wait until the very last minute to study, and are unable to complete their work on time. They then get stuck with a mountain of work to do in such short time, which can be quite stressful for them.

Going To the Exam Overconfident

Going to the exam overconfident is another common reason for students failing examinations. You may have done well in the first few years of school, but that does not necessarily mean that you will do well in your final exams. Students who are overconfident often fail to prepare properly and take their studies seriously. They think they can pass any exam without any preparation, which proves to be a costly mistake when they get unexpected results.

Students should think about their strengths and weaknesses before taking an exam. If they are weak in a particular subject, then they need to work more on it so as not to be surprised by it during the examination period. They should also ask themselves if they are ready for the exam or not; if there is still some time before it takes place then why not use this time wisely?

Student’s Laziness

The most common reason why many students fail examinations is their lack of diligence and hard work.

Some students do not want to study because they think that studying is boring and a waste of time. They don’t have the right attitude for studying as they think that it’s easy and does not require much effort on their part. Other students lack motivation or interest in what they’re learning in school, which results in them skipping classes or doing poorly on exams because they don’t care enough about their studies

Poor Exam Technique

One reason students fail exams is poor exam technique. This can be easily rectified with a little practice and preparation, but it’s often overlooked. Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your next exam:

Read the question carefully before answering it. If you read the whole question first, then read each part separately, this helps your brain to process what is being asked and how it should be answered

Answer only one question at a time. In other words, if you’re asked a series of questions on something like “the life cycle of an egg” or “how many ways can you make 50p in ten minutes?” then answer each one individually rather than trying to combine them into one response – otherwise you may end up missing questions because they were based on others that weren’t answered properly!

Poor Preparation

Poor preparation is a major reason why students fail exams. To avoid this, you should make sure that you have done your homework and know the format of the exam and what will be on it. You should also understand how to answer each question, and how long it would take you to do so.

Lack of Motivation

Students should be motivated to learn. It is our goal to help students achieve success in their studies, but it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are properly motivated. Motivation is a key factor in academic performance and can make the difference between success and failure.

In order to motivate yourself, you need to understand what motivates you as an individual. There are many different types of motivation such as intrinsic motivation (doing something because it feels good) or extrinsic motivation (doing something because it leads us to something else).

Every person has different needs for motivation; some people are more motivated by fun games while others enjoy having their work validated by others. Everyone needs some sort of external reward system when studying otherwise they will lose interest quickly!


The main thing to remember is that exam stress can be overwhelming when you’re unprepared, but it’s also something that can be overcome with time, effort and commitment. If you’re worried about exams coming up soon, then make sure that you put in the extra hours and don’t put off revision until the last minute. We hope our Causes Of Student Failure Or Getting Less Marks In The NECTA Exams article has helped you one way or another and you will now find a way to avoid any of it during your coming exams.

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