Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania July 2023

The Open University of Tanzania (OUT) is has announce the list of Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania for various positions which announced on Ajira portal on June 2023. This exciting phase marks a significant step forward in the recruitment process, as OUT continues its commitment to attracting talented individuals who are passionate about education and eager to contribute to the university’s mission.

The shortlisted candidates come from diverse backgrounds and possess a wide range of skills and experiences, making the selection process both challenging and rewarding. The university is eagerly looking forward to meeting these exceptional candidates and discovering the unique qualities they bring to the table. Stay tuned for updates on the interview process as we move closer to selecting the newest members of the Open University of Tanzania community.

Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania

The Vice-Chancellor of the Open University of Tanzania (OUT) would like to inform all job applicants who applied for a job that the interview is expected to be conducted from 2023-07-15 to 2023-07-17 and finally to arrange job centers for job applicants who pass the interview. All candidates who have been selected for the interview are required to follow the instruction shown below

  1. The interview will be held from July 05 to 07 2023., the time and place where the interview will be held is specified for each Cadre. You can check the complete interview schedule from the image below.

Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania

  1. Each interviewee must arrive at the interview area wearing a mask.
  2. Each Interviewee should have identification for identification;
  3. Acceptable IDs include:- Resident ID, Voter ID, Employment ID, Citizenship ID or Passport.
  4. Interviewees must come with their ACTUAL CERTIFICATES, starting with birth certificate, form IV, VI, diploma, higher diploma, degree and continue depending on the applicant’s qualifications.
  5. Interviewees who submit Testimonials, Provisional Results, Statement of results, forms IV and VI results slips (form V and form VI results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW.
  6. Each interviewee will pay for Food, Travel and Accommodation.viii. Each Interviewee should consider the date, time and place he was scheduled to conduct the interview.
  7. For applicants who studied outside of Tanzania, make sure their certificates have been checked and approved by the relevant authorities (such as TCU, NACTE or NECTA)
  8. Job applicants whose names did not appear in this advertisement should note
  9. They did not meet the criteria. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced and comply with the requirements of the relevant announcement.
  10. For cadres who are required to be registered with their Professional Boards, they should bring their Original Registration Certificates as well as Licenses to work.
  11. All the interviewees called to the interview should make sure they log in to their accounts and copy the interview number because those numbers will not be given on the day of the interview
  12. All interviewees are informed that the weather in Dodoma City is cold, so you are advised to wear clothes that withstand the cold weather.
  13. The interviewee is not allowed to bring a phone or any electronic device to the interview area.

Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania

To get the complete list of Candidates Shortlisted For An Interview At Open University of Tanzania please download the official announcement from the link provided below.

>Names Called For Interview At OUT<<

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