CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw

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Get ready to dive into the thrilling world of African football as the stage is set for the highly anticipated CAF Champions League 2023/2024 draw. As the continent’s most prestigious club competition, this event promises to be a gateway to glory for the competing teams. Here, we will take a closer look at the CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw which takes place today 25 July in Cairo, Egypt.​ We will provide you with detailed info on the people’s favorites, and the underdogs.

From the powerhouse teams with a rich history of success to the emerging talents eager to make their mark, the CAF Champions League never fails to deliver excitement and drama. Join us as we unravel the path to glory and explore the journey that lies ahead for these elite clubs.

Prepare yourself to witness the clash of titans, the display of skill and determination, and the unwavering passion that defines African football. The CAF Champions League 2023/2024 draw is about to unveil the destiny of these teams, and we are here to provide you with all update you may be looking for.

CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw | Droo Ya Klabu Bingwa

The much-anticipated draw for the preliminary round of the 2023/24 Caf inter-club competition is set to happen on Tuesday. Jinsiyaonline is here to provide you with all the essential details you need to know. This draw will mark the beginning of the 2023/24 club competition in continental football. The CAF has announced that the draw will take place at its headquarters in Cairo, Egypt.

CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw Kick-off time
Event Name: CAF Champions League draw
Date: 25-Jul-23
Kick-off: 14h00 CAT (11h00 GMT) | 14h00 SA Time
Venue: Caf Headquarters, Cairo, Egypt

How to watch CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw

The CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw is right around the corner, and you don’t want to miss a single second of it! The anticipation is great as teams from all around the continent await their destiny. But don’t worry, anyone can tune in and watch the draw live from the comfort of their own home.

Thanks to online streaming services like and the DStv Now App, you can catch every moment of the draw as it unfolds. Simply login, find the designated channel, and immerse yourself in the anticipation and suspense.

But if you prefer a more traditional approach, don’t worry! SuperSport TV has got you covered. This renowned sports channel will be broadcasting the CAF 2023/2024 Draw live, ensuring that you have a front-row seat to all the drama. Grab your popcorn, gather your friends and family, and get ready to witness history being made.

For those who want to go straight to the source, is your go-to destination. The official website of the Confederation of African Football will be providing a live stream of the draw, allowing you to feel like you’re right there in the room with all the decision-makers.

Schedule for 2023–24 CAF Champions League

Schedule CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Draw

CAF Champions League 2023/2024 Clubs

54 clubs from 42 Member Associations are engaged in this season’s CL, while 52 clubs representing 41 Member Associations will compete in the second tier competition.

The NBC premier league champions, Yanga Sc, and Simba Sc are Tanzanian’s representatives in the 2023/2024 Champions League, while Singida Fountain Gate and Azam Fc will play in the Confederation Cup.

In the 2022/2023 season, the CAF Champions League final was truly an impressive event. Egypt’s dominant team, Al Ahly, went head-to-head with the formidable Wydad Casablanca from Morocco. The match was intense, with both teams showcasing exceptional talent and unwavering determination. Ultimately, Al Ahly emerged as the winners, securing their 11th title and leaving an indelible mark on the world of Africa football.

2022/2023 CAF Champions League Winner

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