Bugando Diploma Courses Fee Structure 2023/2024

Bugando Diploma Courses Fee Structure 2023/2024 | Ada Ya Chuo Cha Bugando Kwa Diploma: If you have been accepted into a diploma course at Bugando University and are now looking for information on fees and other costs associated with your program, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we will bring you detailed information about the tuition fees charged for the various diploma courses offered at Bugando University, as well as other expenses you may incur during your studies. It is important to understand that tuition fees and other costs may differ depending on the length of study, program chosen, or other factors. It is essential to review the exact fees and charges for your chosen program prior to making a decision.

Tuition fees are just one of the many costs you may incur when pursuing a diploma program. Others include housing and food expenses, transportation costs and other miscellaneous expenses. When making your budget for this course of study, itโ€™s important to consider all these factors.

Bugando Diploma Courses Fee Structure 2023/2024

Fees and other financial obligations are the sole responsibility of the student and/or the sponsor or guardian. The fees are payable in full at the beginning of each academic year or in two instalments; at the beginning of each semester. Failure to pay Fees by the end of week two of the second semester will attract a penalty of 100,000/= Tshs All moneys payable to the University shall be paid using Control Number obtained through Online Student Information Management System โ€“ (OSIM). No student will be allowed to carry forward part of the fee into the following academic year.

Fees may be revised from time to time without prior notice. New fee structures will apply for new intake as well as for continuing students. Fees paid will not be refunded after the first four weeks of the academic year. Any excess/extra fees paid will be carded forward to the next year. Any refund if necessary will attract a processing fee of 50,000/= Tsh.

Bugando Diploma Courses Fee Structure 2023/2024

Fee Structure For Nationals Diploma Programmes- Iahs (Ddr, Dmls& Dps)

The table below shows Bugando Diploma Courses Fee Structure

Figures in TSh โ€˜000 Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Tuition 1,850 1,850 1,550
Exam fee 140 140 140
Graduation Fee 0 0 50
Sustainability Fund 30 30 30
NACTE Quality Assurance Fee 20 20 20
Registration 10 10 10
ID card 100 100 100
Equipment/ Special Faculty Requirement 150 150 150
Caution Money 50 0 0
Student Union 20 20 20
Total cost to the University 2,280 2,220 1,970

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