Botswana JCE Results 2022/2023 |

Botswana JCE Results 2022/2023 | The Junior Certificate Examination (JCE), which is a study-based exam, has been administered each year in Botswana since 1967. It is now administered by the Botswana Examinations Council for grade 10 (ISCED2) students in general education programs in public and private schools.

The JCE is conducted to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the course contents. It also serves as a basis for awarding certificates to those who wish to pursue upper secondary education. Passing the JCE Exam is a dream of many students and parents, as it provides an opportunity to gain entry into a good school.

Botswana JCE 2022 Results are OUT

Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) has released the 2022 Junior Certificate Examination (JCE) Results. A total of 46 835 candidates sat for the examination showing an increase of about 1.3% in candidature compared to 46 232 candidates in 2021. There were 22 998 (49.1%) male candidates and 23 837 (50.9%) female candidates sitting for the 2022 Junior Certificate Examination.

The grades available at this level are on a pass scale of A – E where Grades A to C are credit grades and D to E are pass grades. The symbol U denotes failure to achieve the minimum requirements of Grade E and the symbol X denotes failure to meet minimum requirement for the award of a qualification.

Overall performance of government schools only for the 2022 JCE cohort indicates that the proportion of candidates obtaining pass grades (Grades E or better) is at 86.00% compared to 84.50% in 2021, indicating an insignificant improvement of 1.50%. The proportion of candidates obtaining credit grades (Grades C or better) is at 36.80% compared to 35.70% in 2021, indicating an insignificant improvement of 1.10%. It could therefore, be concluded that the performance of 2022 government school candidates is at the same level as that of 2021.

Outstanding performance has been noted where seven (7) candidates obtained a Merit compared to fourteen (14) in 2021. The seven (7) candidates are spread around seven (7) different examination centres across the country. Only one (1) candidate obtained grade A in all of their nine (9) syllabuses compared to five (5) candidates in the previous year.

Check Complete Result Summary Here >> Botswana JCE Results 2022 Official Statement

Scope Of Botswana Junior Certificate Examination (JCE)

The Junior Certificate Examination is designed to evaluate a student’s level of accomplishment at the conclusion of their third year of junior secondary school. The scores are primarily used for admittance into senior secondary schooling, as well as in vocational and technical instruction, and in the workforce. The JCE consists of core, practical, and general subjects. This is different for both enrolled students and independent applicants.

Subjects assessed in JCE Examination for students enrolled in grade 10 are as follows below

  1. Core subjects: Agriculture, English language, Integrated science, Mathematics, Moral education, Setswana language, Social studies
  2. Practical subjects: Arts, Commerce and Bookkeeping/Accounting, Commerce and Office Procedures, Design and Technology, Home Economics
  3. General subjects: French language, Music, Physical Education, Religious Education

Subjects assessed for independent candidates in JCE Exam are as follows:

  1. Core subjects: English language, General Sciences, Mathematics, Moral Education, Private Agriculture, Setswana language, Social Studies
  2. Practical subjects: Bookkeeping/Accounting, Commerce, Office Procedures
  3. General subjects: French, Religious Education

When Will The 2022/2023 Botswana JCE Results Be Released?

The Botswana JCE results for 2022 will be released in Friday 27 January 2022. The students who have appeared for the Botswana JCE examination in 2022 can check their results by logging onto the official website of the Examination Board once the results announced. The results can also be accessed via SMS, or from the school where you sit for your JCE Examination.

How To Check Botswana JCE Results 2022/2023

After Botswana Examinations Council made a official public announcement that results are released, every one can access the Botswana JCE Results 2022 using different methods which are as shown below.

Getting JCE Results 2022 Via Text Message

In order to check your BEC Results using Text message you must open messaging app on your phone and create a new message as follow. On the message body, type the Level Center Number, Candidate Number, and Candidate Surname with a space between each parameter value.

For example: JCE JC001 002 Jukonja

After you type your message as shown above. Send your message to 16688

Then, you will receive your JCE Result via SMS.

Important Things To Note When Checking JCE Results 2022 From SMS Message

  1. Centre number should be 6 characters i.e JC followed by the four numeric characters
  2. Student number should be four numeric characters.
  3. The surname is not cAsE sensitive.
  4. After you’ve submitted your inquiry, give a few minutes for an answer to come. Delays could occur due to a high amount of request the system receive on the lines.
Botswana JCE Results 2022/2023 |
Checking Botswana JCE Results 2022 From Text Message

Getting JCE Results 2022 Online From Botswana Examinations Council website

Another easy way to check your 2022 JCE Results in Botswana is online via Botswana Examinations Council official website You can access your results no matter where you are in the world, so long as you have an internet connection. This offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience, so that you can check your results whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.

To check your BEC 2022 JCE Results online follow the steps listed below.

  1. Open any web browser  and go to 
  2. On the homepage main menu, click on “Result” and then click on “My Results” as shown below
Checking JCE Results 2022 Online
Checking JCE Results 2022 Online
  1. Once you click on “My Results” link, you will be redirected to result checker form where you will be asked to enter your details so as to find your results.
  2. Select the type of exam you wish to check the results. In our case you will need to select JCE.
Checking Result at
Checking Result at
  1. Enter Year you took the JCE exam.
  2. Enter Center number
  3. Enter Candidate number
  4. Enter Candidate surname
  5. Click “show results”

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