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BGCSE Results 2022 Online Check | BGCSE, or the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education, is an exam based on specific syllabuses, wherein successful test-takers are given certificates for each syllabus taken. The Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education is one of the most important exams in secondary education in Botswana.

It is a mandatory exam which all students must take at the end of Grade 10, 11 and 12. The grades attained in this exam are used by universities to determine whether or not applicants qualify for admission. The exams are administered by the Botswana Examinations Council (BEC).

The BEC was established in 2002 to administer examinations and provide certification of qualifications, as well as accredit institutions of higher education. The Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) is responsible for administering key educational exams for primary and secondary schools in Botswana, such as the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), Junior Certificate Examination (JCE), and the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).

Breaking News: BEC Release BGCSE Results 2022

Botswana Examinations Council BEC has released the 2022 Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE) examination results. A total of 35 199 candidates wrote the 2022 examination showing a decrease of 6.4% in candidature compared to the 2021 cohort of 37 629. There were 14 500 (41.19%) male candidates and 20 699 (58.81%) female candidates.

The grades available at this level are on a scale of A* to G, where A* represents the highest level of performance and G the lowest level of performance. Candidates failing to reach the minimum requirement for Grade G are ungraded and assigned letter U, and those failing to satisfy the requirements for grading in a syllabus are assigned letter X. Letter Q indicates that a result cannot be issued at present but will follow in due course.

The total number of candidates that took the BEC examination in 2021 was 37,629 of which 22,085 (58.69%) were females and 15,544 (41.31%) males. A noticeable increase from the 36,557 who took it the exam in 2020. The 2021 exam was administered from 6 October to 24 November and by February 16 2022 Botswana Examinations Council (BEC) announce the results and all candidates were able to check them online and at school.

Number of Grades awarded at key grades A, C, E and G In 2021 BGCSE Results

Year G or better E or better C or better A or better
2021 Number of grades awarded 224255 173543 70254 6595
% of grades awarded 96.78 74.89 30.32 2.85
2020 Number of grades awarded 217820 169528 68508 6345
% of grades awarded 96.04 74.74 30.2 2.8
2019 Number of grades awarded 210197 161159 63284 5497
% of grades awarded 96.38 73.89 29.02 2.52

How To Check BGCSE Results 2022 Online

If you sit for Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education Examination and now you would like to know how you can access your results, follow the steps listed below.

Open the web browser (Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) and type to open the Botswana Examinations or click Here to go to BEC website directly.

Click on the “Results.’ tab on the navigation bar

Click “Results” to reveal “My Results” on the blue navigation bar that pops up.

In the “Examination” drop-down menu, select BGCSE. Then proceed by entering your details as required by examination checker form as shown below.

BGCSE Results 2022 Online Check |

In the “Year” textbox type the year (In this case type 2022)

In the “Centre Number” textbox type your school’s Centre Number. The center number must be five characters, such as BW plus the three-digit center number. For example, if your Center Number is 800 you type BW800. The system will not accept center number without the prefix BW.

In the” Candidate Id “textbox type your Candidate Number.The system accepts a Candidate Number with leading zeros and without leading zeros. No matter what, the system will recognize your Candidate Number. For example, entering ‘0001’, ‘001’, ’01’ or even ‘1’ for Candidate Number ‘0001’ will all be accepted.

Candidate Surname (The student’s Surname) In the “Surname” text box type your Surname. The Surname is not Case Sensitive.

Once you complete all field Click the ” Show Results ” button. This should display your results indicating the Exam cycle, Year, Centre/School and syllabus grades.

Preview Of BGCSE Results Online

Exam: BGCSE | Year: 2018  Center: Moeng College
Setswana B
Chemistry B
History B
English B
Mathematics B
Biology B
Accounts B
Physical Education B
Physics B

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