Bei Ya King’amuzi cha Startimes 2023 Decoder Price

Bei ya Startimes decoder 2023 | Bei Ya King’amuzi cha Startimes 2023: If you have been wondering about the cost of a startimes decoder in Tanzania and maybe startimes is a good decoder for you and your family, then here we will help you answer these questions. In Tanzania, there various company offering digital services to people in the country. Among them DSTV and AZAM Tv are the one who are widely known and used by people.

The popularity of DSTV and Azam TV does not mean that other service providers like Startmes and Zuku do not have a good reputation or doesn’t offer great services, but it is just a habit of many Tanzanians to prefer using something that is already used by many people.

Startimes is one of the largest companies in Africa offering satellite TV service at a very affordable price that everyone can afford. In Tanzania, startimes have become very popular in the lake region such as Mwanza where they have been providing their services at a good level compared to their cost. If you need a great tv experience with affordable service then startimes is the decoder you can use.

Bei Ya King’amuzi cha Startimes 2023 Decoder Price

The Startimes decoder is a great way to get access to digital television services offered by startimes. It is very easy to use and comes with a lot of features that make it a great value for the money. The Startimes decoder is available for a very reasonable price and it is definitely worth the investment. If you are looking forward great Tv experience at very low cost then you may need to consider purchasing startimes decoder. Startimes offers  two type of decoder to their customer ( Dish and Antenna Decoder) depending on the customer budget and preferences.

After get Startimes decoder a customer will also need to get startimes package subscription which is a monthly fee that is paid in order to have access to the Startimes satellite TV service. This fee covers the cost of the equipment, the installation, and the monthly subscription. In most cases, the Startimes decoder price is quite affordable. However, there are some shops in Dar es salaam where the fee is quite high due to transportation and many other reasons.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Startimes service, then you will need to pay the Startimes decoder price. This fee is worth it, as you will have access to a wide range of channels and television programmes. Below we have listed the Startimes Decoder 2023 Price (Bei Ya King’amuzi cha Startimes 2023).

Startimes Decoder Price in Tanzania 2023

Decoder Type Price
Dish Decoder 86,000 Tsh
External Antenna Decoder 58,000 Tsh

External Antenna Decoder ( Decoder pay T2 )

This is the cheapest decoder you can find in the market which cost only 58,000 Tsh. With this decoder you can get access to all startimes channels and services at reasonable quality. Though the picture quality and feature of this decoder are limmited, you can still keep your family entertained and updated with the latest news from different channels offered in startimes packages. Below are some of the feature of Decoder pay T2.

  1. The product has a sleek, stylish and modern look.
  2. Is slimmer and lighter and offers a wonderful user experience.
  3. Decoder pay T2 offers Multi language support
  4. Decoder pay T2 supports Auto / Manual search capability
  5. Decoder pay T2 has parental control support
  6. You can also add favourite / book programme with Decoder pay T2
  7. The StarTimes Light SD T2 decoder is technologically advanced with New hardware platform, New user interface and Superior mechanical design

Bei Ya King'amuzi cha Startimes 2023

Dish Decoder ( Decoder pay S2 )

If you are looking for premium startimes services with just 86,000 Tsh budget, then you may need to opt for the Decoder pay S2. With this decoder you can access all startmes services at very high quality. This decoder is packed with number of features that make it great for every home. Below are some of the feature offered with Decoder pay S2.

  • Decoder pay S2 has a sleek, stylish and modern look.
  • Decoder pay S2 is slimmer and lighter and offers a wonderful user experience.
  • Multi language support
  • Auto / Manual search capability
  • Parental control support
  • Add favourite / book programme support
  • The StarTimes HD S2 Set Top Box is technologically advanced:
  • New hardware platform
  • New user interface
  • Superior mechanical design
  • Digital quality picture*
  • Digital quality audio*
Bei Ya King'amuzi cha Startimes 2023 Decoder Price
Bei Ya King’amuzi cha Startimes 2023 Decoder Price

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