ATC SMS login | Arusha Technical College Students Management System

ATC SMS login | Arusha Technical College Students Management System: The ATC SMS, also known as the Arusha Technical College Students Management System, is a sophisticated platform that has been specifically developed to cater to the diverse academic needs of Arusha Technical College. This all-encompassing system plays a crucial role in streamlining various essential processes, ensuring that the collage can function smoothly.

One of the primary functions of the ATC SMS ( is the automation of student registration, which simplifies and expedites the enrollment process for both new and returning students. This feature eliminates the need for tedious paperwork and manual data entry, saving valuable time and resources for both the students and the administrative staff.

Additionally, the ATC SMS offers efficient management of students’ accommodation records, enabling the collage to keep track of available housing options and assign rooms to students in a seamless manner. This not only alleviates the burden of finding suitable accommodation for the students but also ensures that resources are utilized optimally.

Moreover, Arusha Technical College Students Management System (ATC SMS) meticulously organizes and maintains academic records, ensuring that important information such as grades, attendance, and course schedules are easily accessible and up-to-date. This allows for better monitoring and evaluation of students’ academic progress and enables timely interventions when necessary. With the ATC SMS in place, Arusha Technical College can focus on delivering high-quality education and providing a conducive learning environment for its students.

ATC SMS login | Arusha Technical College Students Management System

If you have been selected by TCU and confirmed by the Arusha technical college to pursue different degree programmes or non- degree courses at Arusha technical college. The following are the steps for a new selected (fresh) student to register and login into Arusha technical college students management system

If you are a new student and you have not yet created your account in ATC SMS system, you must first start by creating your student profile before you can login and access different information about Arusha technical collage.

ATC SMS Registration

To register your self visit click on the sign up button as shown on the image below

ATC SMS login | Arusha Technical College Students Management System

Proceed by entering your admission number for verification purposes. You can find your admission number by logging into your account on the ATC admission system at Once you have entered your admission number, please click the “Verify Admission Number” button.

In order to activate your account, it is necessary for you to have a functional email address and mobile phone number. An activation link will be sent to your email address for the purpose of verification and activation.

Please use your personal email address and mobile phone number, as the collage will rely on these means of communication to contact you and assist with account recovery in case of forgotten passwords.

ATC SMS Registration


You cannot view examination results in Arusha Technical College Students Management System  if your important information is missing,this include date of birth,form four index number and year of completion of form four studies.These fields are very important and they are marked with ***** for easy identification.

The following fields are very important but you can still view results if anyone of them is missing:

  1. Passport size photo—->this photo will appear in all academic certificates that you will need from the college.
  2. Mobile phone and email—->these shall be used to notify you when results are out
  3. Address—->this is your permanent address,it will be seen in progress report and in some cases it might be useful if the college want to contact you
  4. Physical address—->this is the permanent address of where you live, in some cases it might be useful if the college want to contact you.

ATC SMS login

To login into your your ATC SMS account visit and then enter your username and password you have provided when registering your account. Once you have enter the logins credentials, click on the “Login” button.

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