Ada Ya Law School Of Tanzania Fees Structure

Ada Ya Law School Of Tanzania Fees Structure is one of the important things to read and understand before studying at Law School Of Tanzania. The fees structure tells you what your tuition fees payment procedures will be, how much they are and when they need to be paid.

The fees structure also gives you the opportunity to know how much money you will need in order to study at Law School Of Tanzania and hence help you make sound budget planning ahead. It is important that you read all the fees structure before enrolling in any course so that there are no surprises later on.

Ada Ya Law School Of Tanzania Fees Structure

All students admitted into Law School Of Tanzania shall bear all costs related to their training at the School. Such costs are as shown below

  1. Application Fee is Tsh 20,000.00
  2. Registration Fee is Tsh 20,000.00
  3. Tuition Fee is Tsh 1,300,000.00
  4. Examination Fee is Tsh 50,000.00
  5. Field (Attachment) Supervision Fee is Tsh 50,000.00
  6. Library Fee is Tsh 50,000.00
  7. Institutional Stationery and Photocopy Services is Tsh 50,000.00
  8. Caution Money (Deposit) is Tsh 10,000.00
  9. Identity Card is Tsh 10,000.00
  10. Student’s Organization Fee is Tsh 10,000.00
  11. Admission Ceremony Fee is Tsh 20,000.00

Law School Of Tanzania Direct Student’s Cost by Semester

Ada Ya Law School Of Tanzania Fees Structure
Ada Ya Law School Of Tanzania Fees Structure

First Semester

  1. Meal and Accommodation Allowance is Tsh 1,155,000.00
  2. Books and Stationery fee is Tsh 200,000.00
  3. Research Expenses is Tsh 300,000.00
  4. Special Requirements (Advocates’ Attire) is Tsh 300,000.00
  5. Compilation of Basic Statutes cost Tsh 100,000.00

Second Semester

  1. Field Placement Expenses 1,200,000.00
  2. Meals and Accommodation Allowance 210,000.00

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