Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma UDOM Fee Structure 2023/2024

Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma UDOM Fee Structure | Gharama Za Kusoma UDOM 2023/2023

About University of Dodoma (UDOM)

The University of Dodoma (UDOM) is a public institution situated in the Tanzanian capital city of Dodoma, renowned for its long standing cultural heritage. Established in 2007, UDOM offers an array of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula such as education, economics, law and social sciences. As the hub of academic accomplishments, UDOM provides exceptional learning opportunities for aspiring students throughout Tanzania to pursue higher studies.

The University of Dodoma houses eight colleges, each of which have twelve departments focused on providing educational courses in various areas. These include: Earth Sciences, Education, Health Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Informatics and Virtual Education, Natural and Mathematical Sciences, Business Studies and Law as well as Engineering and Technology. Each college contains both undergraduate studies as well as postgraduate programs related to their respective fields.

The university is dedicated to fostering the best possible learning experience for its students through research, innovation, and community engagement. The faculty comprises of esteemed members who are passionate about educating their students. Our cutting-edge facilities provide our students with modern classrooms, libraries, laboratories, and sports complexes among other amenities.

Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma UDOM Fee Structure 2023/2024

If you have been selected to study at University of Dodoma then understanding UDOM’s fee structure is an important part of your upcoming college experience. With accurate information about tuition, fees, and other expenses, you can be prepared for the money you’ll need to spend during your time at college. Here we’ll provide a detailed explanation of the University of Dodoma’s fee structure applicable for various level and nationality.

Understanding UDOM’s Fee Structure | Ada Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma UDOM

The University of Dhaka (UDOM) charges a variety of fees to cover tuition, registration, and other costs. Here’s an overview of the different fee categories. Tuition fees are charged on a per-semester basis and vary depending on program enrollment status, while registration fees are due before course registration is complete. Other associated costs include direct cost charges for supplies and services related to university activities.

Tuition Fees | Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma

Tuition is the fee paid for attending academic classes at University Of Dodoma. UDOM tuition fees are determined by the program you study, as well as your nationality. Tanzanians pay lower fees than non-Tanzanians.

UDOM tuition fees are usually paid per semester, and the amount varies depending on the program you are studying. For example, tuition fees for undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences are lower than those in the Faculty of Science.

The image below outlines the fee structures (Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma) that all students at the University of Dodoma are required to pay during their studies. It’s important to note that these figures may have changed over time, so we highly recommend confirming directly with the university for the most updated information.

Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma UDOM Fee Structure
Ada Ya Chuo Kikuu Cha Dodoma

Application Fees

In order to be enrolled at UDOM, students must pay a application fee for each academic year. These non-refundable payments are allocated to cover a variety of administrative services, including the handling of academic records, the distribution of student identification cards, and the offering of primary healthcare services.

Other Charges

UDOM has a variety of fees in addition to tuition and registration costs. These include accommodation charges for those living on-campus, library costs for use of University facilities, as well as examination payments. Living on-campus requires students to pay accommodation fees; library fees are granted to students making use of the establishment’s resources; further, taking examinations at UDOM requires an additional fee.

Charge Name Local Foreigners
Registration 5,000 10
Examination Fee 20,000 20
Graduation Fee (once) 10,000 15
Identity Card 5,000 10
Medical Capitation Fee 25,000 25
Caution money 20,000 20

How to Pay UDOM Fees | Jinsi Ya Kilipa Ada UDOM

The University of Dodoma provides its learners with multiple payment methods for their fees. These methods involve utilizing some of the popular paying method such as banking, mobile money services like M-pesa, Tigo Pesa & Airtel Money and Mawakala Wa Bank. Moreover, students can also make payments in instalments depending on the established regulations.

Paying Udom Fee Via M-pesa

  1. Dial (Piga) *150*00#
  2. Enter 1 [Send money (Tuma pesa)]
  3. Enter 4 [To bank (kwenda benki)]
  4. Enter 1 [CRDB]
  5. Enter 1 [Enter Reference (Weka namba ya kumbukumbu)]
  6. Enter your Control number which you acquired from the admission letter/weka namba yako ya malipo
    ulioipata kutoka kwenye barua ya udahili.
  7. Enter amount / Weka kiasi cha kulipa
  8. Enter PIN / weka namba yako ya siri
  9. Enter 1 [to Confirm/ kukubali] or 2 [to cancel / kusitisha

Paying Udom Fee Via Airtel Money

  1. Dial (Piga) *150*60#
  2. Enter 1 [Send money (Tuma pesa)]
  3. Enter 3 [To bank (kwenda benki)]
  4. Enter 2 [CRDB Bank]
  5. Enter your Control number which you acquired from the admission letter/weka namba yako ya malipo
    ulioipata kutoka kwenye barua ya udahili.
  6. Enter amount / Weka kiasi cha kulipa
  7. Enter PIN to pay.

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