Ada Ya Chuo Cha Usafirishaji NIT Fee Structure PDF 2023/2024

Ada Ya Chuo Cha Usafirishaji NIT Fee Structure PDF 2023/2024 | Gharama Za Chuo Cha NIT

If you are considering pursuing higher education at one of the National Institutes of Technology (NITs) in Tanzania, it is important to understand the fee structure for the upcoming academic year. The NIT Fee Structure for 2023/2024 provides a breakdown of the various fees and expenses you can expect to incur during your time as a student. From tuition fees to accommodations charges, this article intended to help you plan your finances and make informed decisions about your education. Read on to learn more about the NIT Fee Structure PDF 2023/2024 (Gharama Za Chuo Cha NIT).

Ada Ya Chuo Cha Usafirishaji NIT Fee Structure PDF 2023/2024

Ada Ya Chuo Cha Usafirishaji NIT Fee Structure PDF 2023/2024

The NIT Fee Structure PDF for the 2023/2024 academic year provides important information about fees to be paid directly to the National Institute of Technology (NIT) by both international and local students.

This detailed document describes the various aspects of the fee structure, including tuition fees, examination fees, organization fees, and additional fees for services and facilities.

By understanding the NIT fee structure, prospective students and their families can gain insight into the financial responsibility associated with pursuing an education at NIT.

It is important to note that the fee structure is subject to change and it is recommended to refer to the official NIT website (  for updated and accurate information.

Local Students Direct Payment to the NIT in (TZS)

Item 1st year 2nd year 3rd Year
Tuition Fee           1,270,000        1,270,000          1,310,000
Institute Examination Fee                 40,000              40,000                40,000
NACTE Examination Fee                 15,000              15,000                15,000
Students’ Organization (SONIT) Fee                 10,000              10,000                10,000
Registration Fee                 20,000              20,000                20,000
Identity Card                 20,000              20,000                20,000
Library Membership Fee                 15,000              15,000                15,000
Sport and Games                 10,000              10,000                20,000
Certificate and Examination Results Transcript  –  –                50,000
Field Work              100,000           100,000  –

Foreign Students Direct payments to the Institute in (USD)

Item 1st year 2nd ‘ear 3rd Year
Tuition Fee                   2,530                2,530                   2,580
Institute Examination Fee                         40                      40                         40
NACTE Examination Fee                         25                      25                         25
Students’ Organization (SONIT) Fee                         15                      15                         15
Registration Fee                         45                      45                         45
Identity Card                         20                      20                         20
Library Membership Fee                         15                      15                         15
Sport and Games                         10                      10                         10
Certificate and Examination Results Transcript  –  –                         50
Field Work Supervision                       100                    100  –
SUB-TOTAL                   2,800                2,800                   2,800

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