Ada ya Chuo cha maji Ubungo | Water Institute Fee Structure 2023/2024

Ada ya Chuo cha maji Ubungo | Water Institute Fee Structure 2023/2024: At water institute and most government owned high education institution Fee and other financial requirements to be met by Tanzanian students in Government-owned education/training Institutions are lower than those charged by privately-owned Institutions. This is because the Government of Tanzania subsidizes operations of its Institutions (WI included) to reduce the financial responsibility of Tanzanian students.

The payments are indicated in Tanzanian shillings. Foreign students/course participants will be required to pay directly to WI in currency that is readily convertible in the Tanzanian financial market.

Students must pay full tuition fees and other payments as per the type of programme they choose before they can be allowed to attend classes at Water Institute. However, where installment plans are adopted, students will only have to pay 60% of the total tuition fees for the first semester in order to qualify for registration and 40% of the total tuition fees for the second semester in order to qualify for registration.

No student shall be registered for the final examinations at the end of the semester or awarded a certificate unless he/she has fully paid the relevant dues.

Ada ya Chuo cha maji Ubungo | Water Institute Fee Structure 2023/2024

Ada ya Chuo cha Maji Ubungo | Water Institute Fee Structure 2023/2024

If you have been selected to join the Water Institute at Ubungo and now you are looking for information about tuition fee and other expenses involved we have got you covered. Below we have outlined the Water Institute Fee Structure (Ada ya Chuo cha maji Ubungo) for different courses offered.

Registration Fee: All selected students shall be required to register annually and pay a registration fee of TZS. 10,000/= only per year.

Caution Money: Each student is required to pay TZS. 40,000/= as Caution Money. The money shall be refunded upon completion of course if a student was not involved in any loss or damage of the Institute property. Where losses/ damage exceedsTZS. 40,000/=, the student shall pay the difference.

Identity Card: Each student is required to pay TZS. 15,000/= for the cost of Identity Card. This amount is paid once. Replacement for a lost Identity Card shall be done after obtaining a loss report from Police Station and payment of TZS. 30,000/=.

Membership to the WI Students’ Organization: Every WI registered student is a member of the WI Students Organization (WISO). The membership registration fee for the firstyear students is TZS. 5,000/=. Membership subscription fee for every continuing student is TZS. 15,000/= each academic year.

Students National Health Insurance: Every WI fresh registered student is required to pay a total of TZS 50,400/= as a contribution for joining National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF). This amount is paid directly to the Institute Accounts Office. Students with health insurance cards are not required to pay TZS. 50,400/= but shall have to produce evidence that they are covered withmedical insurance.

Accommodation in the Hostels: Ordinary Diploma (NTA Level 4-6) Students who wants to be accommodated in WI hostels will pay TZS. 400,000/= per academic year. Foreign students who desire to be accommodated in Institute hostels will pay USD 400 per academic year. However, accommodation is subject to availability of rooms.

Tuition Fee For Bachelor Degree in Water Resources and Irrigation Engineering and most of degree courses offered at the Water Institute  is 1,670,000 Tanzanian shillings.

Note: Fee structure information tend to change with time , so it is important to check the official website for Water institute for the latest updates as we may delay updates the information here.

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